Refund Policy

SmmBeat offers irreversible products, and we do not issue refunds after your order payment and product delivery. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this when buying any services from our site. Sometimes, we know that few exceptional cases can occur concerning the product’s features. Thus, we do accept your requests for the refund options on the following instances:

Reasons To Get Your Full Or Partial Refund

Non-Delivery Of Services: The processing time is slow in a few instances. It may take some time for your orders to be processed. We suggest connecting with our SmmBeat website for guidance. Claims of non-delivery products should be submitted to our support department by writing within seven working days from the date of order. Else the campaigns will be considered completed.

We will take up the requests for the Refund when our site notifies customers about possible delays before ordering—for example, a notification on the order pages like ordering at their own risk.

Product Not As Described: Issues like products not as described should be reported at our SmmBeat website support department within 7-days from the date of purchase. Complete evidence should be provided proving that the purchased product is not as it is mentioned on the website. Complaints based on the customer’s false information are not welcomed for a refund.

Our support team is always curious to help you and deploy highly professional assistance regularly. Thanks for purchasing from SmmBeat.

Reasons Why You Won’t Get Refund

1. Reserve To File A Complaint After Refund Deposit

When you file a complaint or chargeback against SmmBeat after a refund deposit, we reserve the right to cancel all your future orders and ban your website. Also, we reserve the right to take away your followers or likes we deployed earlier to your social media accounts.

2. No Refunds For Private Accounts

You do not qualify to get a refund for the misplaced or private social media accounts. Be confident to guarantee every time and for every order before placing.

3. No Refund For Fraudulent Actions

SmmBeat does not offer refunds for fraudulent actions such as utilizing unauthorized or stolen credit cards will direct to the termination of your social media accounts.

4. No Refund For Usage Of More Servers

Kindly do not use more than one server simultaneously for the same page. SmmBeat website cannot offer you the right followers and likes number in this case. Therefore, we will not refund your orders in this case.

5. How Do Refund Policy Work For SmmBeat?

99% of SmmBeat customers’ orders go through without a hitch! You place an order; we deploy your products, everyone’s happy! But, in a short time, you are one of the 1% who is having trouble. No worries, here we will offer you some information on our refund policy and how it works.

    1. The first step is to connect with our support team from SmmBeat!
    2. The second step is to write an email about the issue. If you are having a problem, reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you.

After you begin a conversation, our SmmBeat support team will do everything best to guarantee the best result. Sometimes offer your Refund.